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King James, Odd Number's big plans for Groundswell
by Herman Manson. The Odd Number Group and King James Group have big ambitions for Groundswell, their new joint-venture agency announced last week.

#DesignIndaba25: All that glitters isn’t gold
by Louise Burgers. The day that global design guru and former jailbird, Martha Stewart, took to the CTICC stage in 2010 to talk about glittered ham was the day Design Indaba had to begin its evolution to where it’s now.

By Invitation Only: Flugelbinders& other harsh copywriting realities
by Wendy Shepherd. Copywriting has been a well-sung and honoured career for over 50 years — why do I find myself constantly defending it and, worse, explaining it to people?

Q5: The new kids on the kasi block, with SabzNgcongwane [interview]
by Carey Finn. Creative director Sabelo “Sabz” Ngcongwane introduces us to his new agency, Brand Spaza: how it began, the niche it fills in the local market, and where it’s heading.

Brands & Branding: How technology's changing our expectations
by Refilwe Maluleke. Why own when you can rent? The creative destruction of the access economy is disrupting traditional industries and creating new opportunities.

On the Radar:

-Overall 2019 Creative Circle rankings, winners & new chairperson
-New SA, Africa MDs for WE Comms
-New MD for HaveYouHeard
-DUO Marketing adds 3 accounts


Thinking B2B: Fear & loathing in the agency space
by Warren Moss. There’s a real culture of fear among specialist agencies that, if they raise an unpopular point with a client that contradicts the lead agency, they’ll be written out of the strategy.

By Invitation Only: Forget ranking first — we want position zero
by Tiffany Markman. Here's the one copy goal a website should have to survive 2020.

Zeitgeist of Now: Countering capitalism without conscience
by Jason Stewart. Positive change is happening. While it can’t be called a backlash or a groundswell, there’s some intent to stop capitalism without conscience in its tracks.

By Invitation Only: Is South Africa ready for voice commerce?
by Craig Hannabus. Depending on who you talk to, voice commerce is either the next big thing or a lacklustre gimmick with no real value.

SA TV Ratings: SABC 2 — primetime top 20 for Dec, Nov & Oct 2019

by MarkLives. The hottest primetime shows on SABC 2 in South Africa revealed: TV ratings for December, November and October 2019.

By Invitation Only: The marketing long con — knowing isn’t half the battle
by Taazima Kala-Essack. I'm willing to bet many would agree: knowing is not even close to half the battle. There is much, much more to it than that.

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