"Men fear my punani!" - Daily Sun

"Ex-lover: When you poke her, you leave with an injured 4-5!" - front page lead, May 18 2015

Daily Sun (May 18 2015) - SHE WAS so shocked when her boyfriend grabbed a razor and shaved off her punani hair that she couldn’t even say anything.

That man has been out of her life for some time but since then, she can’t keep a boyfriend.


The woman (51) from Pharare Village, outside Tzaneen, Limpopo told Daily Sun she had been with the man for almost two years when he did this strange thing.

“He complained that my pubic hair was disturbing him during sex and before I could say anything he grabbed a razor from his pocket and shaved me.”

“I was so shocked I couldn’t say anything. Now I can’t keep a man and I believe my ex is responsible for all my troubles.”

She claims that since that day she has never had her period again. She has nightmares and doesn’t want to eat anymore.

She also said every man she meets complains about her long pubic hair.

“I made it a point to shave every week but still the men complain about my pubic hair and leave,” she said.

“I hate that man with all my heart because I think he cursed me. He used muthi on my pubic hair so that I would suffer like this.”

The woman said she has been to many people but no one has been able to help her.

She can’t finish building her house because she has used all her money on sangomas and prophets.

“Even my relatives don’t want me because they say I have nightmares. My three children have decided to stay with their gogo, saying I’m losing my mind,” she said.

She said she wants to die because her life is such a mess.

One of her children said they didn’t run away from their mother.

“Its not true that we don’t want her. We decided to give her space,” he said.

One of the poor woman’s ex-lovers, who stays in the neighbouring village and asked to remain anonymous, said her pubic hairs are sharp like a razor.

“When you have sex with her you will leave with an injured 4-5. She must leave me alone,” he said.

Sangoma Kikimang Moshidi said the man mixed the pubic hair with muthi to make his businesses successful.

“If she doesn’t get any help soon she will go crazy and that man’s businesses will grow bigger. But no man will want her. What she needs now is a sangoma to cleanse her before she loses her mind,” said Moshidi.

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