"My shocking ordeal! Victim Esther Mankge relives brutal attack" - Daily Sun

The front page and lead story of SA's largest daily newspaper, April 17 2013


Daily Sun (April 17) - THE WOMAN brutally beaten in a video that shocked SunLand yesterday has been found by Daily Sun! And Esther Mankge, a 49-year-old hawker and mother of four, is still in pain from the attack! BRAVELY SHE DESCRIBED HOW SHE WAS HUMILIATED AND ABUSED BY SHOP WORKERS WHO ACCUSED HER OF STEALING. In the video, Esther is shown being attacked and beaten with belts, ropes, a broom and even a rubber hammer. It happened in Jane Furse Plaza in Limpopo, when Esther was on a shopping trip last October.

"I had bought some meat and some clothing and I went into CB Clothing Store to look for a skirt," Esther recalled. "I received rude treatment right from the start." Esther said she was told to leave her bags at the door when she went inside. Then, when she was about to leave, the beeper went off. "I hadn't bought anything but a woman accused me of stealing panties and hit me in the face," said Esther. "I cried and asked them to call the cops if I had stolen something." Instead, Esther was dragged into a storeroom and the beating began.

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