"Nailed to the cross!" - Daily Sun

"She thought the dark night was full of horror - and it was!" - front page lead, May 11 2015

Daily Sun (May 11 2015) - DURING THE night Lindeni heard noises, but refused to go outside fearing there may be thugs who might harm her.

But she could never have expected what she found the next morning.


The owl had a candle with needles shoved in its mouth. Next to it were eggs in what looked like a bird’s nest. Hanging from a string on the door handle was a dead mole rat. It had candles and razors attached to it and a note that could not be read.

Lindeni Shange (58) from Snake Park, Soweto told Daily Sun that her son woke her up yesterday morning when he was going to work.

“I could not believe what I saw after he woke me up.”

Neighbours surrounded Lindeni’s yard, wanting to see the owl.

She said she sprinkled Jeyes Fluid on the owl and other muthi to prevent the curse from harming the kids and the members of the family.

Lindeni said the incident reminded her of the time when they had a night vigil for her late husband in 2012.

“During the night, some people became possessed and started digging out spears in my yard,” she said.

Lindeni said she is a woman of prayer and the event doesn’t scare her that much.

“I am a woman of prayer. I suspect the creatures may have been placed by people who know me well,” she said.

Neighbour Sibongile Xulu (49) said she was very scared, and feared that it might happen at her house as well.

“The only problem we had in the area was thugs breaking into people’s houses and stealing plasma TVs. And now there is this?”

She said she never thought they would have cases of witchcraft in the area.

Sangoma Dumezweni Mahabuke said perhaps Lindeni owed a sangoma money.

“She must not suspect neighbours. She owes a sangoma,” he said.

He said because the owl and the mole rat were dead, that meant that somebody in the family could die.

“Whoever saw the owl first must seek help immediately and the yard must be cleansed,” he said.

He said it was bad that sangomas placed such muthi when people owed them money.

Lindeni said she was on good terms with her sangoma and didn’t owe anybody money.

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