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Ogilvy announces new brand identity, structure

by MarkLives. Ogilvy (now minus the Mather) sees a new logo and organisational design that transforms it from a "matrix-managed holding company of sub-brands" to "one brand represented by twelve crafts".

#AgencyFocus: Riverbed ups creative game to bolster positioning
by Carey Finn. Black-female-owned agency, Riverbed, is looking to cement its creativity — and position in the market — over the coming months.

Brands must speak less more often — James Yeats Smith [interview]
by Nils Adriaans. Following a recent move from Anomaly to international creative studio, Cloudfactory, in this interview SA export, James Yeats Smith, unpacks why the world needs more thinking brands.

Fair Exchange: Partner-power for brand-growth expectations
by Erna George. There’s some concern around the table about how young and busy people are appreciating the client/agency partnership, with all the non-face-to-face channels that can get in the way.

Masterclass Notes: 2018 AdForum Summit observations & trends
by Johanna McDowell. Here are 10 things that stood out at the recent AdForum Worldwide Summit in New York City, 23–27 April 2018.

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