Optimise your readership experience

Sign in to Politicsweb in order to go in-text and native-ad free

We are currently in the process of upgrading the functionality of the Politicsweb website. Going forward it is important for those who have subscribed as members, through Steady, that they sign-in to the site on all their devices.

The log-in button now appears on the top right hand side of every page. See image below. 

Just click on it, and if the Steady system recognises you, you will be immediately logged in. If it does not you will be asked for your sign-in details. If you have forgotten your password you can simply request that a new one be sent to you. Once (or if) you are logged in the button will appear as follows on the top right:

The immediate advantage of being logged-in is that you will immediately revert to the reader-friendly version of the website. You will thus no longer see either adverts within the text of articles, or the Outbrain adverts above the comment section. 

If you are not yet a subscriber, and would like to become one, you can click on the following link, sign up, and then sign in as explained above.