"RAF losing R3bn a year to opportunistic loss of income claims" - BizNews

And four other of the top stories on the business news website, 29 February 2024

JOHANNESBURG – Five of the best read stories on, Thursday, 29 February 2024:

1.  RAF losing R3bn a year to opportunistic loss of income claims

2.  Multi-Party Charter: A new pillar for post-2024 South Africa, promoting unity and decentralisation – Martin van Staden

3.  Going ‘California Sober’ may be bad for your heart: Lisa Jarvis

4.  Political phoenixes: David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s remarkable resurgence – Adrian Wooldridge

5.  Wietze Post (Part 2) – The solar duck curve: Nemesis to coal and nuclear plants is one of South Africa’s leading business news websites. Founded by internet publishing pioneer and broadcaster Alec Hogg, it specialises in providing news and expert opinion on money and investments. is a remote company and all employees can be found on email, it’s their first name eg. [email protected].

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