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Top stories:

If you’ve a way with words, the world deserves to know — Alistair King
by Sabrina Forbes. Alistair King, King James Group co-founder and group CCO, doesn’t buy that copywriting’s no longer needed, and he’s set out to remedy that through launching a new copy test.

Louise Johnston on creativity, career paths & people
by Jessica Evans. Two themes come out of Louise Johnston’s career story: creativity and people.

Q5: Doubling down on digital, with Gaynor MacArthur [interview]
by Carey Finn. Gaynor MacArthur, Digicape co-founder and MD, talks local tech trends, the persistence of the digital divide and what’s needed for women to succeed in her sector.

On the Radar:

RIP NgangaDlanga
EXCLUSIVE: Barloworld Equipment appoints Africa media agency
Bookmarks cancels gala event #covid19 #coronavirusSA
Advertising Regulatory Board updates regulations
Night of a Thousand Drawings grows to three days
Dekat publishes luxury hardcover book

By Invitation Only: Is marketing beset with enemies of progress?
by Taazima Kala-Essack. Are we killing what could be great quick wins because of… processes, hierarchies and closed minds?

Brands & Branding: Brand, and purpose
by Andy Rice. If ‘brand purpose’ has become part of the brand landscape, how much life is there left in the concept?

Zeitgeist of Now: Natural me & implications for brands
by Jason Stewart. Let’s explore what I call Natural Me, the cultural response to working and playing too hard for too long, as well as to extreme health fanaticism of the past decade.

The Suit: How about “less with less”?
by Jason Harrison. Everyone keeps saying “do more with less” but are we in adland prepared for the consequences?

By Invitation Only: Social media & the customer experience
by Craig Hannabus. Have we gotten the social media marketing thing right? In my 12-year career in social media, I’ve seen so, so many strategies, approaches, and methods come and go.

SA TV Ratings: — primetime top 20 for Jan 2020
by MarkLives. The hottest primetime shows on in South Africa revealed: TV ratings for January 2020.

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