"SA’s 5% brand value growth • #AgencyFocus: Swipe iX • #BigQs: Employer brands in adland; Beh on African narratives" - MarkLives

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South Africa records 5% brand value growth, to US$218bn
 2019 AMASA Awards finalists


#AgencyFocus: Swipe iX tranforms businesses through digitising ideas
by Sabrina Forbes. Swipe iX is a specialist software development agency that offers full-stack web and mobile development, DevOps and systems architecture, UX and UI design, tech consulting, and emerging tech.

#BigQEmployers: Employer brands in adland
by MarkLives. How successful have local ad agencies been in creating positive employer reputations? What do they consider best practice, how do they measure their reputations among employees and what impact has positive employer reputation had on their ability to attract star talent? First in our panel is Tammy Lehnberg of Avatar.

Q5: Mandi Fine on striking a balance between science & art [interview]
by Carey Finn. Mandi Fine, the CEO of strategic consultancy F/NE Group Global, speaks to us about the changing shape of marketing and communications — generally and in healthcare, her speciality.

#BigQNarratives: An African narrative — is there such a thing?
by MarkLives. Michelle Beh of The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town)  is our second panellist to tackle: "Are SA ad agencies and brands embracing an authentically African narrative and aesthetic or do they continue to imitate US and European work?"


Fair Exchange: Learning through the ranks for effective leadership
by Erna George. Must a CMO or specialist director start in the junior ranks of brand management or may they join from general business, strategy or other communication fields?

Zeitgeist of Now: Anti-perfection's rise
by Jason Stewart. Here are some key lessons that brands may take from the anti-perfection trend.

Media Redefined: Interrupt me
by Martin MacGregor. YouTube has been flighting unskippable ads in the middle of content and, strangely enough, I don’t mind so much.

Back2Basics: Are top B2B marketers thought leaders? Maybe not
by Mark Eardley. CEOs are saying “I want profitable, sustainable sales” and it’s clear that even very senior marketers aren't getting it.

SA TV Ratings: — primetime top 20 for Aug 2019

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