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Young, Gifted & Killing It! 2018 in review

by Veli Ngubane. In 2018, we continued to go looking for the youngsters who are gifted and killing it in South Africa’s creative industries.

African Echo: Where the streets have no name
by Rohan Reddy. One of the best ways to document the truly astonishing rate of change in Africa is through the art of street photography — to be an observer of the streets.

By Invitation Only: Help! I’m an ‘adult’ in advertising & I’ve no idea what I’m doing
by Shannon Koor. With one year under my belt, here are my observations of the faraway, strange and exciting swamp planet that is the advertising industry.

Media Redefined: Behaviour is truth
by Martin MacGregor. The biggest challenge any marketing activity has to do is to get consumers to change behaviour. At brief stage, this always feels like an insurmountable obstacle. Yet our behaviour is changing all the time, in strange and unthought of ways.

Clicks 'n Tricks: A contract for the web
by Charlie Stewart. The web is broken. And its founder, Tim Berners-Lee, wants us all to do our part to fix it.

The CX-Files: Winning over Gen Z with AI & CX
by Julia Ahlfeldt. If millennials were hard to engage, Gen Zs are even harder. So what, then, can brands do to protect themselves?

Regular Reads

Brands & Branding: The (post)modern brand as representation
Media Design: Existing While Black, Printed Pages, Simplicissimus, Wat Binne Is
Market Research Wrap: Private labels grab 21% of SA retail
SA TV Ratings: — primetime top 20 for Oct 2018

On the Radar

Tennis South Africa appoints comms agency
#ThisHappened in SA in 2018 — Twitter

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