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Mike Berger writes on reviving the promise of South Africa as a successful multi-racial democracy
Mike Berger writes on the political revolution sweeping across the West
Mike Berger says the electorate needs to say "no" both to the ANC and its extremist offshoots
Mike Berger says the country is in a bad, bad state
Mike Berger writes that humans are so attuned to threat and grievance the easiest politics is 'narrow tribal'
Mike Berger writes on the alternative to the 'jumping off the cliff' option before us
Mike Berger says residents of this habitat in SA have the most to lose
Mike Berger says there's a growing recognition that identity politics is incompatible with adaptive democratic societies
Mike Berger says in conditions of high uncertainty, high risk and uncertain information we stick with our "own"
Mike Berger writes on the neopatrimonial road we're on
Mike Berger writes on David Reich's book "Who we are and how we got here..."
Mike Berger writes on the current debate on some of the most controversial issues in the field
Mike Berger writes on the evolving science of intelligence
Mike Berger says biology and history, along with mathematics and other disciplines, are merging into a new integrated picture of humanity
Mike Berger explains the intention behind his new regular column
Mike Berger asks whether the African-European hybrid of SA can break with the worst habits of both continents
Mike Berger says the official opposition will never be able to outbid the ANC or EFF when it comes to racialised politics
Mike Berger writes on SA today in the context of a six million year causal chain in mankind's development
Mike Berger says a Ramaphosa 'get out of jail free' card is not going to cut it if we continue on our current political trajectory
Mike Berger writes on what the DA needs to do to help SA avoid this outcome
Mike Berger says history has chosen a crass, vulgar and predatory figure to reverse elitist hegemony and hypocrisy
Mike Berger says South Africa is a triumph of human will over the disintegrative forces of human nature
Mike Berger questions the confused, submissive response by our 'thought leaders' to this outbreak of racial fanaticism
Mike Berger says our progressives are deluding themselves about the true nature of the movement
Mike Berger says that what has been happening has little to do with the ostensible reasons being given
Mike Berger says the Springboks have become a national embarrassment
Mike Berger says the obvious flaws of the Republican candidate should not obscure the failings of the American press
Moneyweb editor Ryk van Niekerk says ruling against the one story shows that there is copyright in news
Mike Berger says Israel is confronted and threatened by a nihilistic Islamist culture
Terry Crawford-Browne responds to Mike Berger's recent Zionist criticism of the campaign
University says the rules precluded it from granting retired academic emeritus status or access to digital library materials
Mike Berger says the university displays a contemptuous attitude to even the most gently put requests