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RW Johnson writes on his decision to move back to South Africa from Oxford in 1994
Matthew Kruger on the detrimental impact on freedom and politics of any law that overemphasises risk and safety
Lee-Anne Germanos notes that abuse of power by police has increased by 32%
Lee-Anne Germanos says such violence is a global problem that has increased since global lockdown
Charles Simkins suggests principles to guide thinking about relationship between pandemic and economy
Charles Collocott says legislative changes regarding investment regulation of pension funds led to softening of limits
Charles Collocott says there are other investment funds which are possible targets for prescribed investments
Charles Collocott says best-case-scenario is only possible if there is a strong economy and strict fiscal discipline
Charles Collocott says currently there is no room for additional SOE equity or debt in GEPF
Charles Collocott considers the legislative and regulatory framework for pension funds
Charles Collocott says funds regulated by Pension Funds Act have legal obligation to manage clients’ money in a responsible manner
Charles Collocott says prescribing assets has proven to be detrimental to fund performance
Charles Collocott concludes series exploring whether pension and other funds can or should be used as funding
Charles Simkins examines the systematic evidence available
Cherese Thakur says another way of looking at accountability is to delve into how it manifests in the real world
Nhlanhla Mnisi says such scarcity is to a large extent attributable to physical causes
Michelle Toxopeus explores the procedures for declaring drought conditions a disaster
Lee-Anne Germanos asks whether it is not time to re-examine the way we view drugs
Lee-Anne Germanos says decision to terminate must be left to the pregnant woman and not to any third party
Michelle Toxopeüs says failures of implementing water allocation reform needs to be put on the agenda