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Andrew Donaldson writes on the indestructible and ninja-like Carl Niehaus
Magnus Heystek says the JSE has been one of the poorest performing major markets now for over 10 years
William Saunderson-Meyer writes on the predicament of the official opposition
Andrew Donaldson writes on Fergal Keane's unexpectedly good BBC Four documentary
Douglas Gibson says the only non-racial party anywhere near big enough to even aspire to replace the ANC is the DA
Federation says elections signalled some serious hazards in ANC's future if they don't change how they govern the country
Riaan de Villiers says the ANC now governs with active consent of just 1 in 4 adult South Africans
Ann Bernstein says if SA is to prosper, policy-makers are going to have to get over their anti-business attitudes
Jeremy Gordin writes on the broader significance of Pieter-Louis Myburgh's devastating expose of Ace Magashule