278 000 more people unemployed under Ramaphosa – Geordin Hill-Lewis

DA MP notes that expanded unemployment figures now stand at a staggering 9.785m

278 000 more people unemployed under Ramaphosa

30 October 2018

The release of the StatsSA’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey today revealed that unemployment has increased to 27.5%. This is nothing short of an economic disaster.

Expanded unemployment figures now stand at a staggering 9.785 million. Unemployment increased by 125 000 from the second quarter or a staggering 337 000 more unemployed on a year on year basis.

This means that the number of unemployed has increased by 278 000 since President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Presidency began.

Our country is facing an unprecedented unemployment crisis, as each of the 9.8 million unemployed South Africans represent families who cannot put food on the table and provide basic necessities.

The youth remain the hardest hit by joblessness, with 66.1% of the 15-24 year-old bracket and 43.3% of the 25-34 year-old bracket unemployed.

The fact that South Africa’s youth segment of the labour force is largely unemployed is an indictment on the failing ANC government’s inability to manage our economy. Rampant corruption, maladministration and policy uncertainly has directly led to this jobs bloodbath.

The DA has repeatedly called for and proposed youth employment initiatives and sectoral rather than one-size-fits-all minimum wages, as we firmly believe these policies will save and create more jobs.

Considering this dire situation, it is time that the ANC takes accountability for the crisis they have created. What South Africa needs is a party that will build One South Africa All which will put our people first and ensure that we cultivate an environment for job creation.

The DA is the only party with a credible plan for lifting millions of South Africans out of unemployment and poverty. Voting the ANC out in 2019 is the only way of ensuring more people have fair access to jobs.

Issued by Geordin Hill-Lewis, DA Team One South Africa Spokesperson on Access to Jobs, 30 October 2018