AG signals new beginning for Joburg’s finances – John Moodey

DA Gauteng leader says it is clear that coalition govt is changing lives

A new beginning for Joburg’s finances; R500m saved

31 January 2018

The Auditor General’s report has revealed that R500 million was saved by the City of Joburg through implementing stringent financial controls.

The report, which was tabled in Council this morning further reveals that Johannesburg City Parks Zoo received a clean audit for the first time. In total, five of the City’s entities received clean audits.

The DA applauds this progress made by the City of Jobrug under the leadership of Executive Mayor, Herman Mashaba. This is the change that the people of Joburg have called for.

There is still more to be done but what is clear is that the DA-led coalition government in Joburg is changing lives and using the people’s money in a responsible manner.

The saving was achieved by slashing overseas travel, spend on consultants as well as advertising, amongst others. This money will now go to delivering services to the people of Joburg, especially the poor.

We understand that achieving this was no easy task as Mayor Mashaba has had to undo the extensive damage done by ANC-corruption and maladministration.

Mayor Mashaba set about rooting out the corrupt system that the ANC had built from the moment he stepped into office in August 2016 and the results are showing. It will take hard work but the DA-led administration is committed to clean governance and excellent service delivery.

The DA is the only party that can bring about a new beginning not only for the people of Johannesburg but Gauteng as a whole. We are starting to see the results and this is just the beginning.

Issued by John MoodeyDA Gauteng Leader, 31 January 2018