AfriForum in racist attempt to deflect attention from land issues – EFF

Fighters say organisation's pursuit of Malema has nothing to do with the rule of law

EFF statement on AfriForum racist attempts to deflect the attention of the EFF

19 April 2018

The Economic Freedom Fighters notes the nonsensical attempt of the ultra right wing formation of white racists, Afriforum to deflect the attention of the EFF by pursuing our President through private prosecutions. Whilst we are aware that South Africa’s Laws permits private prosecutions, we know with absolute certainty that Afriforum’s pursuit of EFF President and Commander in Chief Julius Malema is not about the rule of law, but an attempt to deflect the attention of the EFF from economic emancipation struggles, in particular land expropriation without compensation. 

It is not a secret that the EFF is at the forefront of the struggle for land expropriation without compensation and that Afriforum is one of its right wing opponents. Instead of engaging in a democratic debate and engagement on the land question, Afriforum does what their colonial and apartheid forefathers did to Freedom Fighters, which is criminal persecution and prosecutions for political reasons. There’s no doubt that Afriforum’s private prosecutions is part of an onslaught against the EFF. 

The case which Afriforum seek to prosecute the Commander in Chief on was struck off the roll because the National Prosecutions Authority couldn’t present a solid case before the Court of Law. Through all these, the Commander in Chief subjected himself to Court process and publicly requested that the trial should be concluded. The NPA couldn’t present a solid case, hence the High Court struck it off the roll. 

The EFF is fully behind the Commander in Chief and will not be deterred by reactionary right wing formations of white people, whose primary purpose is to protect white privilege and supremacy. What Afriforum does not know is that racist persecution and prosecution of the EFF President will just multiply the mass support behind the struggle for land expropriation without compensation. What Afriforum does not know is that their attempts at suppressing a political programme through Courts will dismally fail. 

Afriforum and all its sympathizers should know that their racist efforts will make us more determined. Land expropriation without compensation will happen in South Africa and no amount of intimidation and dirty tricks will stop that. 

Lastly, the EFF calls on all Ground Forces of the EFF to remain calm and collected. In the course of struggle, reactionary and right wing forces will always try to deflect our attention. We should never lose focus and hope. Branches of the EFF must continue with the excellent political work on the ground and should continue with recruitment to prepare for the general elections in 2019. The war for economic emancipation goes on and we will never surrender. No surrender! No retreat! 

Issued by Tebogo Mokwele, Acting National Spokesperson, EFF, 19 April 2018