AfriForum seeks to intervene in Canada asylum case

Willie Spies criticises ANC's warped view that only whites racially attack blacks

AfriForum intends intervening in asylum revision after ANC alleges that whites attack blacks

The civil rights initiative, AfriForum, is consulting with Canadian and international human rights experts re the possibility to act as amicus curiae (friend of the court) in the Canadian government's proposed challenge of the decision of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board to grant asylum to Capetonian, Brandon Huntley.

This follows in response to the Canadian government's announcement of its intention to challenge the decision of the tribunal. Indications are that the Canadian government's decision was due to diplomatic pressure from the side of the South African government.

According to Willie Spies, AfriForum's legal representative, AfriForum decided to become involved in the case after it had become known that the ANC's Deputy Secretary General, Ms Thandi Modise, during an interview with the international media, had tried to brush off the Huntley case by saying that in her experience, racial attacks occur the other way around in South Africa (white on black). "By intervening in the case, AfriForum would like to ensure that Modise and the ANC's warped version of the crime crisis in South Africa is opposed," Spies said.

Spies alleged that, notwithstanding whether Huntley had been opportunistic, or not, it remains in national interest that the context with which South Africans are faced on a daily basis, should be made known. Huntley would never have succeeded with his argument made to an international tribunal, had it not been for frequent reports from South Africa which suggest a exaggerated racial obsession on the side of the South African government. "The racial rhetoric of prominent figures such as Julius Malema, Butana Komphela, Leonard Chuene, Judge John Hlophe and Judge Nkola Motata definitely does not pass unnoticed abroad," Spies added.

The statement of Modise, one of the ANC's senior officials, according to Spies is inexcusable. Brandon Huntley is an ordinary member of the public. His allegations made to the Canadian tribunal re racial relationships elicited unparalleled anger from the ANC. "Now one of the most senior members of the ruling party makes equally controversial assertions to the international media. It would be extremely unfortunate if a court in Canada were to be exposed to only the South African government's version of the state of affairs, as portrayed to the Canadian government," Spies said.

Spies added that AfriForum assists South Africans abroad who would like to return to the country by means of the Come Home Campaign. AfriForum would like to continue with and expand this service, but its work is being hampered by the anti-white rhetoric from Government's side. As a result, AfriForum last week appealed to the Minister of Home Affairs to launch an investigation to determine the reasons why large numbers of South Africans from minority groups are leaving the country.

Statement issued by AfriForum September 6 2009

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