ANC beyond repair and redemption – Solly Msimanga

DA Gauteng PC says ruling party cannot be trusted to turn the country around with the same cast of characters who destroyed it

Many ANC candidates belong in prison not Parliament

17 April 2019

Today the DA delivered the public’s objections to the ANC party lists to its front door, Luthuli House. Several candidates on the ANC’s list have been implicated in crimes ranging from corruption and maladministration, to sexual assault. As such, the DA created a website called Prison not Parliament, which provided citizens with the opportunity to object to the many rogue politicians on the ANC party lists.

The DA can announce that we received over 500 000 objections from the people of South Africa to the failing ANC’s choice of candidates. These objections are proof that the people of South Africa are sick and tired of the criminals and thugs the ANC elects to represent them.

It is for this very reason; the electorate will vote for change on Election Day because they know that the DA is a party of integrity which fights corruption.

The ANC’s own Integrity Commission reportedly recommended the removal of, among others, Deputy President David Mabuza and Gwede Mantashe. Yet, Ace Magashule recently confirmed that the criminals will remain on their list.

The ANC is beyond repair and redemption. Their lists show that they cannot reform, and Cyril Ramaphosa cannot bring change.

Today we delivered the half a million public objections to the ANC’s candidates, along with orange overalls and handcuffs, to symbolise that people like Mabuza and Mantashe, in our opinion, belong in Prison and not Parliament. These are people who have allegedly stolen money from citizens, while corrupting government and capturing the state.

The ANC cannot be trusted to turn the country around with the same cast of characters who destroyed it in the first place. The DA is committed to building One South Africa for All, where we punish those who steal from the public by ensuring a 15 year jail sentence for anyone implicated in corruption.

The only way the people of South Africa can ensure accountability is by voting for the DA. Only the DA can bring change that ends corruption.

Issued by Solly Msimanga, DA Gauteng Premier Candidate, 17 May 2019