ANC Caucus stands by corruption and poor leadership – John Steenhuisen

DA says ruling party and Zuma are the same and do not have the capacity to 'self-correct'

#NoConfidence: ANC Caucus stands by corruption and poor leadership

6 April 2017

The ANC in Parliament has today clearly stated that it will continue to endorse Jacob Zuma’s disastrous presidency, which is marked by corruption, lawlessness and poor leadership. They have drawn a line in the sand, with the ANC on one side and the people of South Africa fighting for jobs, economic growth and the Constitution on the other side.

The ANC and Jacob Zuma are the same, and do not have the capacity to “self-correct”.

Our call has been for all Members of Parliament to listen to the people of South Africa by staying true to the Constitution and their Oaths of Office, which call upon them to always act in the interests of the country and its people. Today the ANC in Parliament has told South Africa that the voices of the people do not matter.

In its trademark arrogance, the ANC has described South Africans calling for change as “mischievous” and “faceless”, making it abundantly clear that the ANC does not care about the people.

Tomorrow, South Africans in their thousands will take to the streets to raise their voices against the ANC, Jacob Zuma and their mismanagement of the country.

The DA will continue to fight for the people of South Africa, who have long been forgotten by the ANC.  The ANC will only ever fight for Jacob Zuma and corruption.

Issued by John Steenhuisen, Chief Whip of the Democratic Alliance, 6 April 2017