ANC ignited Eskom fiasco that is now leaving SA in dark – FF Plus

Wouter Wessels says report paints a picture of a lack of political oversight and an inability to appoint competent people

ANC ignited the Eskom fiasco that is now leaving South Africans in the dark

29 November 2018

The good work done at Eskom by Parliament's Portfolio Committee on State capture is but a flicker of light in an otherwise dark picture of extensive corruption and fraud in which the ANC government was involved at the national electricity supplier.

The current load shedding is a direct result of the Eskom fiasco which delivered a severe blow to our economy.

It raises the question of what created an environment in which corruption and fraud could flourish? The answer is plain and simple: a total lack of accountability, transparency and contempt for legal rules and regulations with a government turning a blind eye to it all.

The Eskom report paints a picture of a lack of political oversight and an inability to appoint competent people based on merit to serve on councils and the management of state-owned entities like Eskom.

This must serve as a lesson for the future.

Those guilty of offences must bear the consequences of their actions. It is lamentable that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is not proceeding with the prosecution in the Vrede Dairy case. Brian Molefe and his cohorts may not get off that easily.

The government cannot boast about the good work done by the Eskom Committee or the Zondo Commission into State capture. State capture occurred on the ANC government's watch. In addition, numerous senior ANC officials are implicated and the ruling party and its supporter's silence regarding the matter conveys their approval.

The ANC must do the honourable thing and accept responsibility for its involvement. The ANC is on very thin ice and the FF Plus will join forces with the people of South Africa to fight back against a government that does not deserve to be in control of our country and tax payers' money after the 2019 general elections.

Issued by Wouter Wessels, FF Plus member of parliament, 30 November 2018