ANC MP's 'bury them alive' comment frightening - TAU SA

Concerning too that Agang and the EFF, were allowed to express flagrant untruths without contradiction

TAU SA  thanks the Freedom Front Plus for addressing farm murders in Parliament. South Africa and the rest of the world has to be aware of the circumstances in which commercial farmers have to work in South Africa.

It is however disappointing , even frightening, that an ANC MP could make a comment of ‘ bury them alive’ referring to farmers, during Dr Groenewald’s address and that the Speaker did not immediately react to that comment.

Just as frightening is the fact that members of parliament, especially of Agang and the EFF, were allowed to generalise, be vague and express flagrant untruths without being addressed.

TAU SA  challenges any political party and union to come forward with concrete evidence were general comments were made of farmers treating their workers worse than pigs, pay them with alcohol or where farmers take delight in the misery of their workers.

"There are at this stage numerous government institutions that would gladly act against any  one who is guilty of such conduct. The majority of commercial farmers have over generations cultivated good relationships with their work force. They refuse to be compared to those who do disobey the law, by opportunistic politicians who search for justification of the murders and torture on farms" Mr van Zyl of TAU SA said.

Just as farmers deny the accusations of stealing land, they also deny the false accusations of bad labour relations. If this is the case then it would be because the Department of Labour is not doing its job. TAU SA would like to challenge Agang and the EFF to come forward with concrete evidence . Until then the Speaker should reprimand them on their unjust comments.

"At the same time they should then openly state whether any alleged conduct, was justifiable by the brutal murders, tortures and rapes" Mr van  Zyl said.     

Statement issued by TAU SA, 15 March 2017