ANC must pay back Bosasa proceeds of corruption – Solly Malatsi

DA says South Africans have not recovered from consequences of Zuma’s calamitous 9 years in office

ANC must pay back Bosasa proceeds of corruption

21 February 2019

Former ANC Treasurer-General, Zweli Mkhize has conceded that the failing ANC did in fact accept payments from Bosasa while they were fully aware of the corruption surrounding the company.

This concession cannot simply go with impunity. The ANC must pay back every cent it received in Bosasa kickbacks.

Reports indicate that an estimated R40 million in public money has allegedly been spent by Bosasa in the form of donations, sponsored ANC events, funded rallies in the run-up to the 2014 elections and even the controversial R500 000 paid to Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidential campaign. This figure excludes the billions which have been siphoned by the ANC government over the years.

These latest revelations are an indication that Bosasa has acted as a front for ANC corruption for decades. It is clear that it is not only former President Jacob Zuma who has been embroiled in corrupt activities, but that the entire ANC is rotten to the core.

The ANC is an organisation without virtue which uses the proceeds of bribery to advance their failing political agenda.

South Africans have not recovered from the consequences of Zuma’s calamitous 9 years in office which brought carnage and destruction to our country, leaving over 9 million South African citizens unemployed and with dwindling prospects of finding a job.

It is becoming increasingly evident that Zuma’s 9 years was only a waste for everyone but those connected to the ANC and its corrupt networks.

The Democratic Alliance is the only party that holds its own accountable regardless how tough the decision. All South Africans who have been hamstrung because of ANC’s corruption must use their vote diligently, by making sure they vote to bring in a DA government that is serious about fighting corruption.

Issued by Solly Malatsi, DA National Spokesperson, 21 February 2019