ANC mustn't abuse recall powers - ANCWL

League warns against triumphalist and patriachists intensifying purging agenda under disguise of exercising their powers


The African National Congress Womens League (ANCWL) acknowledges and respects that at the Provincial level, the leadership of African National Congress (ANC) in Provinces have powers to deploy and recall comrades in provincial legislatures.

However the ANCWL calls on the national leadership of the ANC to monitor that those powers are not abused for factional politics and advancing of patriarchal agendas. If there is no monitoring and unbiased guidance from national leadership, triumphalist and patriachists might intensify purging agenda under the disguise of exercising their powers. 

Powers to make changes in the legislatures must be used objectively to advance effective and efficient implementation of ANC conference resolutions. Also the aim of making those changes must be to strengthen governance and improve service delivery where there are weaknesses. Where there is evidence of excellence, there is no need for changes expect to settles political scores. Those unnecessary changes can make the society to feel that fighting internal factional battles in the ANC supersedes effective and efficient provision of quality services.

If the ANC want to achieve overwhelming majority in 2019, all its structures must exercise their constitutional rights within the parameters of objectivity not to settle political scores and entrench factional politics. Factions will negatively impact on the ANC's capacity to implement its progressive policies adopted in its 54th national conference. Building of unity in the ANC must be top priority of every member and supporter, if we want to ensure that the ANC remains in power and advance the goal of National Democratic Revolution (NDR).

A divided ANC at any level will find it difficult to persuade voters to vote for it in the coming National and Provincial government. The ANCWL calls on the national leadership of the ANC to monitor and provide unbiased leadership on changes of leadership in the ANC led government at any level. The 54th national conference was unapologetic on the need to build unity. The ANCWL will continuously work towards making the ANC an even more effective instrument of liberation in the hands of the people, and will defend the unity and integrity of the organisation and its principles, and combat any tendency towards disruption and factionalism.

Failure to unite will derail the ANC from fundamentally changing the structures and systems on ownership, management and control of the means of production in South Africa in the interest of the majority. Being pre-occupied with internal factional fights might be interpreted by the masses as lack of interest to eradicate the high level of inequalities, unemployment and poverty but advancement self-serving agenda by ANC leaders at the expense of the members, supporters and society at large. 

Unity of the ANC is sacrosanct to ensure that radical socio-economic transformation is realized in our lifetime. The year of renewal, unity and jobs. 

Statement issued by Meokgo Matuba, ANCWL Secretary General, 11 May 2018