ANC racist about asylum status in Canada - FF+

Pieter Groenewald says ruling is culmination of years of govt indifference to racial attacks


"For the ANC to label the decision of Canada to grant the South African, Brandon Huntley, asylum status, as racist, is in itself racist. Part of Huntley's application was that he had been called a ‘white dog' and a ‘boer' by criminals during an attack on him. These name-calling terminologies are nothing unusual and even black police officers have called white victims of crime ‘white dogs'.

The FF Plus has in this regard already laid two complaints with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) against police officers. A result is still being awaited from the HRC. If police members make such remarks, it is not surprising when criminals do the same. The previous Minister of Safety and Security, Mr. Charles Nqakula, even in Parliament told me to stop complaining about crime or else I have to leave the country. It is then no wonder that people leave the country.

The ANC should rather do everything in their power to fight black on white racism, rather than want to place the blame on someone else or a country such as Canada," Mr. Pieter Groenewald (MP), chief spokesperson on Police for the FF Plus says.

"The granting of asylum status to Huntley should be seen as a call for help by victims of crime in South Africa . It places a great responsibility on the ANC government to change it or else there will be more such cases," Groenewald said.

Statement issued by Pieter Groenewald, Freedom Front Plus police spokesperson, September 1 2009

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