ANC wastes the people of Joburg's time – Solly Malatsi

DA Gauteng CL pleased that ANC’s MONC against Herman Mashaba failed

ANC wastes the people of Joburg's time

22 August 2019

The ANC in Johannesburg today wasted the people’s time when it withdrew its petty and frivolous Motion of  No Confidence against Mayor Herman Mashaba.

It is clear that the ANC woke up to the sudden realization that they did not have the necessary support for the motion to succeed and resorted to withdrawing it in order to spare themselves the humiliation of losing the vote.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is pleased that the ANC’s political gimmick to once again get their hands on the keys to the City’s coffers has failed.

This motion clearly had nothing to do with the Mayor’s leadership, it was merely an attempt by the ANC to pursue its narrow political agenda to destroy the positive work of Johannesburg’s multi-party administration at the expense of residents.

The DA will not be deterred by the ANC’s petty politics. Our first priority will remain the delivery of services to the people of Johannesburg.

In 2016, the residents of Johannesburg gave the DA and Mayor Mashaba a mandate to bring lasting and tangible change – this is exactly what the Mayor has done and will continue to do for the remainder of his terms in office.

After only three years in office, Mayor Mashaba turned around  a broken city and achieved countless successes; such as: the more than 6659 title deeds which have been delivered to residents across the city, the 44 000 EPWP job opportunities which have been created, investment in the electrification of informal settlements has been tripled, extended operating hours have been extended at 22 clinics; 1 500 metro police officers have been recruited to assist in the fight against crime; the City's newly established corruption busting unit has recorded over 5335 cases worth more than R34 billion in transactions; and we have seen an increase in investments in Johannesburg's inner city from R5 billion to R16.355 billion to build affordable residential units and student accommodation.

The people of Johannesburg are fully aware that Mayor Mashaba is the right man for the job. The DA is pleased by the overwhelming support from the people of the City of Gold in Mayor Mashaba’s administration.

Since Mayor Mashaba and the multi-party government took over the reins of the City it has thrived despite the challenges it faces.

The DA is unmoved by the ANC’s attempts to remove legitimate and democratically established governments in our metros. We remain committed to bringing real, tangible change and building One South Africa for All.

Issued by Solly Malatsi, DA National Spokesperson, 22 August 2019