ANC’s thuggery denied people opportunity to hear plans for Alex – John Moodey

DA Gauteng PL says no amount of premeditated and deliberate disruption will halt Joburg’s plans

ANC’s premeditated thuggery denied people the opportunity to hear Mashaba’s plans for Alex

16 April 2019

On Monday evening, the genuine concerns of the people of Alexandra were overshadowed by rogue ANC connected individuals, who relentlessly refused to allow a meeting between City of Johannesburg (COJ) Mayor Herman Mashaba and residents to get underway.

The meeting was convened solely to address the concerns of the residents of Alexandra and to unpack the DA led COJ plans, and how it will reverse two decades of empty promises and non-service delivery at the hands of ANC’s previous failed regime.

However, ANC thugs hijacked the meeting because they do not want the residents to know the plans the Mayor has to change the lived experiences of the people of Alexandra.

No amount of premeditated and deliberate disruption will halt the City of Johannesburg’s plans  to ensure that the needs of Alexandra are catered for and undoing the broken promises, failed delivery of basic services and ANC’s rampant corruption over the last 25 years.

The DA led COJ empathise with the legitimate concerns of the residents of Alexandra, and have committed themselves to bring real tangible change to the people of Alexandra, these include:

- In the 2018/19 financial year, R20 million was allocated for the refurbishment of the Helen Joseph Hostel and R15 million for the refurbishment of the Madala Hostel. Contractors have been appointed and engagements with the residents are underway.

- The opening of 2 new clinics in Alexandra (River Park and Thoko Mngoma) with a third to be opened in the coming weeks (4th Avenue);

- R45 million has been allocated for the building of the Banakekelen Clinic over the next 3 years.

- The extending of clinic operating hours at the River Park Clinic.

- The City has developed an updated Illegal Dumping Strategy, with increased penalties for offenders, to be finalised by the end of the financial year

- The City is on track to open the Alexandra Opportunity Centre before the end of the 2018/19 financial year. This facility will be used to provide a basket of services included skills development opportunities and SMME support to residents.

- The City will be completing the Alexandra Automotive Hub before the end of the financial year.   R13.5 million was allocated in the Adjustments Budget to allow for this

The people of Alexandra and other poor communities have been let down by the previous regime’s  failure to deliver basic services. Instead of addressing the grievances of the people, our opponents incite violence and anarchy in DA led municipalities in order to hold onto their narrow electoral prospects.

Unlike the previous failed regime in the COJ, we remain focused on our objective to uplift and empower the people of Alexandra and other poor communities. The DA is committed to building One South Africa for All, not destroying the country through violence and devastation.

Issued by John Moodey, DA Gauteng Provincial Leader, 16 April 2019