ANCYL says good riddance to Snuki Zikalala

Youth League welcomes SABC decision not to renew news chief's contract

The African National Congress Youth League welcomes the decision of the SABC Board concerning the contract of Snuki Zikalala. The ANC YL believes that the non-renewal of the Contract of Snuki Zikalala provides space for the SABC to reinstate its credibility as a public broadcaster. Whatever can be said and done, it is an objective reality that Snuki Zikalala was managing News along partisan and factional lines.

The ANC YL supports a public broadcaster that broadcasts and spreads news in a fair and equitable fashion, not what Snuki Zikalala was doing. The ANC YL says good riddance to Snuki Zikalala and wishes him the best on whatever career path he pursues, hoping it will not be in the Media. The SABC has an opportunity now to uproot the remaining biased and factional reporters who continue to distort news in favour of specific political parties.

Statement issued by the ANC Youth League, April 28 2009

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