Appointment of Patricia de Lille to new Cabinet welcomed – GOOD

Brett Herron says president has recognised commitment and track record of great South African

GOOD welcomes the appointment of Patricia de Lille to the new Cabinet.

30 May 2019  

Late last year we launched a new political movement to contest the 2019 National & Provincial elections. 

We took on a task most people thought was impossible: to contest a massive election as a new political party with four months to  campaign.

Our faith in South Africans wanting a new political alternative that was offering real solutions and a positive contribution to the South African challenges was not misplaced. 

GOOD bucked the trend and was a new party that managed to break through and win seats.

We made a call on South Africans to join us.

We said when good people do nothing that allows corruption and wrongdoing to prosper.

It is thus entirely appropriate that we support our Leader’s appointment to the cabinet. 

We are walking the talk. 

Our Good Leader has been asked to serve our country and we can only respond by saying a good person has been asked to do something. 

The President has recognised the commitment and track record of a great South African and we support her appointment and the contribution she’s been asked to make.

GOOD will remain an opposition party in the National Assembly and the Provincial Legislature. We will continue to offer our support where our government does what’s right, our solutions where we see they’re needed and our exposure of anything that is wrong, corrupt or unjust.

South Africa is at a critical time in its development trajectory. We are on the precipice of failure. It is time for all South Africans to do what it takes to fix South Africa. Appointing a cabinet that includes a doer like Patricia de Lille is a good first step.

We wish her well in her new role.

Issued by Brett Herron on behalf of GOOD, 30 May 2019