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Thabo Kupa says contrary to media claims Malema doesn't dish out tenders


The Gauteng ANCYL wishes to express its outmost disgust on the recent media reports that seek to portray President Julius Malema as a corrupt individual as coined by yellow communist and embraced by white capitalist controlled sensational media.  We reject this assertion and its association to our President, who by the way is not a public servant or anything of that sort.

We wish to state on record that President Malema is employed by the African National Congress (ANC). When masses of our people called on him to serve the state and its institutions; he requested the leadership collective to allow him to finish his task as President of the ANCYL. Unlike those who jumped into the bandwagon to serve that state irrespective of task given by their respective organizations. We are fully aware that they did so to build friendship with the media and imperialist to attack the moral standing of our President. We thought this tendency of using state apparatus and media to attack fellow comrades was defeated in Polokwane, little did we know that it continues raising its ugly head post Polokwane.

We wish to take this opportunity to remind South Africans at large that President Malema is a political activist who is a child of working-class and poor family. His work for the poor is well known to everyone; therefore any attempt by forces that connives with capital to discredit him has never and will not succeed.

We are very clear as Gauteng ANCYL that we currently in the congress mood, hence many comrades are attempting to deflect our attention from both policy (Nationalization) and leadership articulation and preference debate throughout our structures in the province and national. With regard to nationalization, the debate is on how it should happen not whether it will happen. We are taking this policy debate to our structures and eventually the ANC NGC later this year.

Structures of the ANCYL in Gauteng and we believe the rest of the country are singing Fikile Mbalula for ANC Secretary General in 2012. This call is not made by President Malema, rather all structures of the organization. Those who wish to silence and deter us from mobilization young people who have already swelled the ranks of the ANC and postured in favour of generational mix leadership debate should not attempt to defocus us from this important task of the organization.

Those deployed in government and not delivering the mandate of the ANC should not equally seek to use the state machinery to persecute one of our own (President Malema). Through our President we will continue challenging those who are inefficient, lazy and corrupt. Our campaign to fix the rotten Public Enterprise, Mining Departments and the over dominance of minorities in the economic cluster of the cabinet are issues we will continue raising sharply.

We support the lifestyle audit of those in government, trade unions in particular Zwelinzima Vavi and Mr. R500, 000 plastic bag.  We call upon independent auditors to check transactions and accumulation during the same period.

President Malema like any other human being know people and for the record he does not dish out tenders as alleged by yellow communist and the white capitalist media. Any attempt to associate a success of a black child to corruption is malicious and unwarranted. We refuse to accept all nonsensical weekend publications and we will work tirelessly to inform our structure soon on the overall plot and battles ahead.

Statement issued by ANCYL Gauteng provincial secretary, Thabo Kupa, February 21 2010

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