Blazing lies by Brett Herron and Cameron Dugmore – Stag Cronje

DA Councillor says accusations against him about George municipal funds were patently false

Blazing lies by GOOD’s Brett Herron and the ANC’s Cameron Dugmore.

28 April 2021

The accusations against me about the George municipal funds invested with Old Mutual are patently false.

This was confirmed by NPA spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila on April 26: None of the allegations in the docket can be substantiated, and there is no evidence of any criminal offence, and the NPA therefore declines to prosecute.

The accusations are real and damaging but the accusations are made up. And the accusations are libellous. The facts are ignored, and the fake news manipulated for political gain by people who cannot be trusted.

Voters already do not trust my accusers: GOOD Secretary General Brett Herron is the only GOOD member in the Western Cape Legislature. And GOOD has but a single representative in the George Council. Cameron Dugmore is the leader of the opposition ANC in the provincial legislature, kicked out of office in the Western Cape 12 years ago.

Western Cape voters clearly already have the measure of GOOD and the ANC, and of the people taking a lead in promising what voters know they dare not believe. Yet again Cameron and Brett are confirming that they, and also their parties cannot be trusted. They prove it by fish tales. They lie like tombstones. It is high time that the Speaker act against these members covering the legislature in infamy and bringing the house into disrepute by their mendacity. Clearly, GOOD and the ANC have not the moral backbone to act.

The attacks look much like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza storming windmills they took for ferocious giants. Completely misguided, and rather dumb were Don and Sancho. The comparison is complete.

Here is the only fact I am prepared to share before I meet Cameron and Brett in court: I have documentary proof – evidence untainted by even a smidgen of doubt – that their wild accusations are false. That Cameron and Brett failed to discover the correct information, or, worse, that they ignored the facts, speak to their inability or their dishonesty, as confirmed by the NPA. That senior politicians – senior party leaders – can do such sloppy research and rely on such specious information to make false public accusations would be quite beyond belief had more responsible functionaries than Cameron and Brett done so.

I can only thank Cameron and Brett for warning the voters of George and of the Western Cape not to trust the ANC and GOOD. Their sterling and timely service to voters is appreciated.

Issued by Stag Cronjé, DA Councillor, George Municipality, 28 April 2021