Cape Town: Call for national govt intervention welcomed – ANC

Party says DA wanted to opportunistically hijack motion of no confidence against De Lille

ANC supports calls for National Government intervention in the City of Cape Town

31 January 2018

The African National Congress (ANC) supports the position adopted by the ANC Caucus at the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Council to withdraw the motion of no confidence brought by the ANC against Mayor Patricia De Lille.  Whilst Patricia De Lille, is the face of a corrupt, dysfunctional municipality as well as a weak, directionless Democratic Alliance (DA) at the City, she is but one cog of a bigger problem that is the DA and its patronage networks within the City. 

The DA wants to opportunistically hijack the motion of no confidence brought by the ANC against De Lille to resolve their own internal squabbles over resources linked to the City’s water crisis. It is common cause that the Auditor General has raised serious concerns about collapsing financial controls in that municipality.

This relates to, amongst others, unbridled bias in award of tenders , taxpayers’ monies used for upgrades at De Lille’s home, tender manipulation and other acts of financial misconduct as factions within the DA fall over themselves to eat at the trough of corruption whilst hiding behind the genuine grievances of the people of Cape Town and the very dire water situation in that region.

The ANC unequivocally supports the call by the ANC Caucus for national government to intervene in the City. Whilst the DA continues to blame everyone but themselves for the impending crisis in the City, national government must continue with its commendable efforts to fight on the side of the people and do everything in their power to step in where this DA fails to govern.

Issued by Khusela Diko on behalf of ANC, 31 January 2018