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Riëtte Pretorius says André du Toit had friends in SAPS and SITA as he was a former employee of both

The truth about allegations of ‘Boeremag’ infiltrating SITA systems

4 May 2018

Media release in reaction to media reports of 2 May 2018 of allegations made in parliament of so-called ‘Boeremag’ infiltration of government SITA system. This media release also serves as reaction to allegations that former SITA employee, the now imprisoned Mr André du Toit, is involved with SITA infiltration.

It is common knowledge that Mr André du Toit had been friends with various members of SAPS and SITA due to him being a former employee of both SAPS and SITA since the 90’s. Some of his former colleagues, also being his friends, brought him food during the ‘Boeremag’ trial from 2003 – 2013. Du Toit lost everything while awaiting the imposing of his sentence for almost 11 years. Du Toit was only sentenced in October 2013 for an additional 20 years along with the other ‘Boeremag’ victims who received various sentences. Some of his former colleagues and friends made contributions towards his basic needs such as buying him telephone cards. According to Boervin’s knowledge Du Toit had last contact with friends on Facebook and e-mail in October 2013. This communication was during the time that Du Toit had obtained legal access to the Internet through a court application. Further contact that anyone had with Du Toit thereafter is unknown to Boervin.

Boervin suspects that it is highly unlikely that Du Toit infiltrated the SITA system and believes these accusations to be false propaganda to discredit the so-called ‘Boeremag.’ These accusations follow on the back of several so-called “national security threats” to draw attention to the ‘Boeremag’ who was disbanded 16 years ago.

Tactic of false media reports during pending court rulings of Boeremag accused

It is very suspicious that the accusations made out of the blue in parliament links the SITA incident to the entire so-called ‘Boeremag.’ The imprisoned Pretorius doctors (Dr Lets, Johan and Wilhelm) are linked to this incident in parliament by publishing a photograph of them in the Citizen’s report on 2 May 2018. Especially since this alleged connection was made during a pending court ruling to request the Pretorius doctors’ access to their computers for further studies during their imprisonment. In addition the doctors have no knowledge of computer programming and certainly do not have any desire to infiltrate any system. All their energy is spent on court cases to be legally released from prison. There is even a video posted onto a Youtube-channel, News101, reporting allegations of infiltration by the ‘Boeremag’ into SITA systems, with a photo of the Pretorius family in the background.

In 2011 some of the Boeremag accused brought a court application to Judge Vorster to request Internet in their cells. Crime Intelligence and the investigators used exactly the same dirty tactics and fabricated the same kind of delusions during that application. These tactics are an absurd attempt to project the notion that it will be “risky and dangerous” for these men to have Internet in their cells. Luckily Judge Vorster saw through these tactics and granted the application in favour of the ‘Boeremag’ applicants at the expense of Department of Correctional Services.

‘Boeremag’ three in process of bringing trial to international human rights court

Over and above this pending application, it is interesting that Crime Intelligence (CI) is mentioned in the media reports as being an involved party again, especially since the three Pretorius doctors are currently in the process of bringing an international complaint against the so-called ‘Boeremag’ trial to the international human rights court.

Now that CI’s provocations and injustices during this extended 11 year trial are about to come to light in the international court, these false accusations against the ‘Boeremag’ are being made in parliament. These allegations are probably also made to impact negatively the chances of Mr André du Toit to obtain parole in October 2018 when he becomes eligible for it. Furthermore, some of the ‘Boeremag’ accused has handed in their amnesty applications and these false allegations are probably made with the goal to negatively influence President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision regarding their presidential pardon applications.

The accusations prove that the injustices towards these so-called ‘Boeremag’ men are still alive and well in spite of the fact that there has been absolutely no threat for the past 16 years.

The ghosts that are being chased is probably the consequence of an task-less ‘right-wing’ reactionary desk of Crime Intelligence, trying to prove the purpose of their existence in order to keep their jobs during an era where there is no right-wing threat.

The sustained monitoring of the ‘Boeremag ghost’ is an absolute waste CI’s and the police’s resources during a time where South Africa has one of the highest murder statistics in the world and genocide and farm attacks are at order of the day. Crime in South Africa should be a higher priority than “monitoring” the so-called ‘Boeremag’ after it has already been disbanded 16 years ago.

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Statement issued by Riëtte Pretorius, Spokesperson of Boervin, 4 May 2018