Col. Brian Molefe worked for SANDF pro bono - Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula

Minister says in order to comply with DOD regulations regarding access to information he was officially called up




112. Mr S J F Marais (DA) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:

With reference to her reply to question 3874 on 27 November 2017, (a) what are the academic requirements to be a member of the pool of specialists within the Internal Audit section of the SA Army, especially to be in a leadership role of a unit consisting of accountants and Charted Accountants (CAs), (b) what are the reasons that a certain person (name furnished) was appointed to a leadership role in this unit taking into account that the specified person does not have a CA qualification but rather an MBA which is not an accountant or audit specialist and expert qualification, (c) what was the specified person’s actual work as reserve force member for the period 23 August to 17 November 2017, (d) what training and official courses did the specified person successfully complete to be a reserve force member, with specific reference to the apparent rank of Colonel and (e) what is the remuneration that was paid, or will be paid to the specified person for the reserve force service period 23 August to 17 November 2017? NW118E


(a)  There are no specific academic qualifications prescribed to be a member of one of the categories in the Pool of Specialists although academic qualifications are one of the criteria when potential members are selected. In the internal Audit section it is preferred that members must be qualified as a Chartered Accountant (CA) although it is very difficult to recruit members with that type of qualification into the SA Army as reservists. When the requirement was identified for this section as part of the Pool of Specialists, the said member was the CEO of the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) and he recruited some of the CA's within the PIC on a voluntary basis to assist with the SA Army on a part time basis as and when required to perform certain tasks related to auditing and financial control. The said member had extensive experience in public finance.

(b)   A number of attributes are considered when members are appointed in the Pool of Specialists as Reserve members. The said member was appointed to be in control of this section based on his experience in the field of public finances as well as his demonstrated leadership role in National Treasury after 1994 and also based on his experience as the CEO of the PIC.

(c)   Col Molefe advised and assisted the Military Command Council wrt strategic SANDF issues in the asset management and financial structure and architecture domains. Although he was called up over period mentioned, he only reported for duty as and when necessitated by his allocated responsibilities and tasks.

(d)  The said member was appointed as a Colonel in 2009, together with 33 other reserve officers, in terms of a regulation where former Ex-NSF members were appointed as Reserve Force members. This was done under Department of Defence Instruction: C Pers No 7/99 "Appointment of ex-NSF members in the Reserve Force" issued by CSANDF on 20 September 1999. This whole effort was based on a need that existed to establish a process for members of the non-statutory forces (ex-NSF) to apply to join the Res F by entering into an appropriate agreement with the SANDF. This was further based on a need to transform the leader group of the Reserve Force. Members falling into this category were recommended for a certain rank by a specifically constituted Selection and Staffing Board based on previous military as well as other experience and where they will be utilised. The appointment for these members was signed by the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans. After appointment these Reserve Force members underwent an orientation course which included military etiquette and aspects of officers formative. Col Molefe was also appointed in 2011 as the honorary colonel of the SA Irish Regiment. He is one of two officers in the SANDF who serve as a Reserve Officer and also holds an appointment of Honorary Colonel.

(e)  The remuneration for a Colonel in the Reserve Force currently is R 1 857.00 per day. In the case of Col Molefe he was not paid anything for his service during that period. He preferred to do the work pro bono. In order to comply with DOD regulations regarding access to information and military cantonments, he was officially called up.

Issued by Parliament, 17 April 2018