COPE is taking action against ANC-SABC shenanigans

Party says they now have proof that upcoming elections will be neither free nor fair because of skewed reporting

COPE is taking action against ANC-SABC shenanigans

4 July 2016

COPE has always been aware of ANC plots and shenanigans to cripple the oppositions. We know this from the experiences of the 2009 and 2014 elections.

As we approach the Local Government  Elections, the plans of both the SABC and ANC to reduce coverage for opposition parties have now been exposed.

The recent confession and part revelation by Mathews regarding what is happening in the SABC editorial room and how they plotted against the EFF confirms our accusations against the SABC. We even called the SABC the ANCBC.

We now have evidence that the forthcoming elections will be neither free nor fair because of the skewed reporting and conspiratorial decisions of SABC editors against opposition parties.

COPE calls on all the relevant bodies to investigate these sinister plots against opposition parties.

In view of these developments, COPE decided at a special meeting held at the Mannah Lodge in Kempton Park to take action against those orchestrating shenanigans at the SABC. Accordingly, we will approach the Public Protector, ICASA and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission to investigate the flagrant abuse of power by both the ANC and the SABC.

ICASA must also, in our view, review the licensing conditions of the SABC.

Additionally, we are asking the Media Monitoring Groups to audit coverage and to monitor reports by the SABC in respect of the elections.

Issued by Dennis Bloem, COPE Spokesperson, 4 July 2016