COSATU rejects calls for a witch hunt against some ANC MP's

Federation also rejects call by the DA for an early election

COSATU rejects calls for a witch hunt against some ANC MP's

10 August 2017

The Congress of South African Trade Unions has noted with concern calls coming from some within the ANC for a witchhunt to be waged against those Members of Parliament (MPs) that defied the party line and voted with opposition parties during the No Confidence vote on President Jacob Zuma.

We denounce this myopic view and obsolete bravado as a futile endeavour that will only weaken the ANC further. Looking for people who dissented during a secret ballot is like looking for a black cat in a dark room.

It will only lead to MCcarthysim, where scores are settled based on innuendo, lies and baseless information.
This points to a frightening emergence of a populist demagoguery within the ranks of our movement.

The ANC has a mammoth task of uniting itself, the Alliance and the broader range of popular formations.

Purging dissenters within its ranks will see the ANC falling into the trap of divide and rule that served the apartheid regime so well for so long.

Our revolution is now faced with the growing threats that undermine our ability to not only unite but also mobilise the masses and the black majority in particular.

The strategic task of regaining the unity of our people will not be achieved by an organisation that has lost its vocation for greatness. The ANC should remember that all winning streaks come to an end and that the masses are running out of patience.

People want to see the implementation of a more radical economic transformation that will help overcome the systematic features of growing unemployment, obscene inequality and mass poverty.

COSATU rejects the call for early election by the DA stating that our democracy stipulate the term of office and the DA dream of being a government of the future is just a dream and they should learn to wait.

We reject the DA's attempts to grab power by the back door.

Statement issued by COSATU, 10 August 2017