DA underlines its commitment to clean governance in Tshwane – Randall Williams

DA Mayoral Candidate says entire focus will be shifted to ensure consistent world-class services to residents

DA underlines its commitment to clean governance in Tshwane

18 February 2020

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is committed to addressing the concerns raised by residents about governance related issues in the City of Tshwane such as:

The Wonderboom Airport

The Fresh Produce Market

Insourcing of Capacity Workers

Roll-out of the prepaid electricity meters

Rooiwal Water Treatment Plant

We are committed to maintaining clean governance, that is free from corruption, maladministration or wasteful expenditure.

The DA has called for internal investigations to ensure that it is complying with all prescribed legislation and that the correct processes are being adhered to with due diligence.

We will take action against anyone who is found, during the investigations, to have contravened any legislation.

Where necessary a turnaround strategy will be established to fix any issues that might have resulted from poor performance over the last few months.

Furthermore we will ensure that our entire focus is shifted to ensure consistent world class services to our residents by implementing the following:

Prioritisation of operational expenditure to frontline service delivery at the Regional Operations Centre;

Prioritise rollout of prepaid meters, set fixed annual targets to be achieved;

Focus attention on reducing percentage losses of non-revenue water and electricity consumption;

Ensure institutionalisation of Cost Containment policy, particularly in terms of use of outside consultants;

Implement blacklisting processes for poor performing service providers;

The Regional Operations Centre must take centre stage in the next year. Increased operational funding and pressure on the recruitment of technical specialist;

Implement an aggressive street light repair programme and set minimum target of 85% illumination per ward; and

Implement regionalised timetables for grass cutting, litter clearing and routine infrastructure repairs across different wards to ensure tracking and accountability

The DA undertakes to put together a task team to address issues to fast track service delivery and provide improved services and clean governance to the residents of Tshwane.

We will dedicate whatever time and energy is required to restore the faith of Tshwane residents and will communicate with them on a continuous basis on each of the current issues, or any further issues that are brought to our attention, until they are fully resolved.

Issued by Randall Williams,City of Tshwane DA Mayoral Candidate, 18 February 2020