DA wins one home and one away

Apart from retaining the WCape, the party also had a major victory in the overseas vote

#SAElections2019: DA wins one home and one away

12 May 2019

Elections are all about winning – winning the right to govern the country, winning control of provinces, winning seats in Parliament, and winning as much support as possible.

For the Democratic Alliance (DA), it was a case of two victories – one home and one away.

The party's only major victory in the 2019 elections was retaining the Western Cape, with the other being the overseas vote.

Although the party experienced a decline from its 2014 showing, it did win the battle for the "out of country" vote with 74.45% support.

According to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) website, 14 802 South Africans who cast their ballots abroad voted for the DA.

Overseas voting took place on April 27. The total number of votes cast overseas was 19 882.

The ANC received 2 153 votes, securing 10.83% support, with the Freedom Front Plus continuing its strong showing, garnering 4.57% of ballots cast, coming in ahead of the EFF's 3.85%.

The ZACP, COPE, UDM and GOOD all received more than 100 votes, while the PAC, the SRWP, the IFP and Azapo all received support in the double digits.