DA Youth holds silent protest outside Ugandan Embassy

Mbali Ntuli says SA govt's failure to respond to anti-gay laws in that country completely unacceptable

DA Youth holds silent protest against Ugandan Anti-Gay laws

Today, the DA Youth held a silent protest outside the Ugandan Embassy in support of the LGBTI community in Uganda. 

The recent Anti-Homosexuality Bill legislated by President Yoweri Museveni is a massive violation of human rights. The Bill imposes life imprisonment on homosexuals, and makes it a crime for anyone who does not report homosexuals to the police. A tabloid in Uganda has even published a list of the "Top 200 gays" in the country in an effort to "expose" homosexuals. 

The lack of response from the South African government is absolutely unacceptable. In parliament, the ANC rejected the DA's motion on this issue and completely prevented any discussion on the matter. The only action taken by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation thus far was a statement issued in which they committed to "seek clarification". 

This complete disregard shown by Zuma's ANC displays exactly how far they have deviated from the human right's vision held by President Nelson Mandela which is enshrined in our own constitution. The freedoms we enjoy in our country were hard fought for and it is our responsibility to speak against injustices such as these. 

As a liberal party, the Democratic Alliance believes in the rights of the individual. Each person should live how he/she chooses, as long as it is within the constraints of our constitutional democracy. It is for that reason that we have a long history of showing support for the LGBTI community in South Africa. Constant presence at gay pride marches, assistance for support groups and campaigns speaking out against corrective rape have been a few of our efforts to stand in solidarity with this community. We do this because we believe in equal rights for all people. 

We would like to urge the South African government to honour its past and continue to fight against the violation of human rights under oppressive governments. We cannot simply stand by and watch as the freedoms of our fellow African brothers and sisters are encroached upon. 

Statement issued by Mbali Ntuli, DA Youth Leader, February 27 2014

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