Debate Challenge for Dan Plato – Brett Herron

GOOD SG says Cape Town mayor was factually wrong and incoherent in his interview

Debate Challenge for Mayor Dan Plato on the cancellation of the affordable housing projects by the City of Cape Town

6 August 2019

Following Mayor Dan Plato’s interview with John Maytham, on CapeTalk this afternoon, I am challenging him to a public debate about the cancellation of these projects and the affordable housing crisis in our City.

I listened to Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato being interviewed by John Maytham on the CapeTalk Radio station this afternoon.

He was factually wrong and incoherent.

It is time that the people of Cape Town got to hear the truth from this government.

The people of Cape Town are entitled to the facts and to decide for themselves what is really going on here.

I am challenging Mayor Dan Plato to a public debate on the cancellation of the five projects.

I am challenging Dan Plato to a public debate on the city’s affordable housing crisis and his government’s response to this.

The DA thinks that manufacturing excuses to delay integrating our city will make the issue go away.

I challenge Mayor Plato to stop hiding behind procedural red herrings, and outright fabrications, and debate the real issues with me.

I am waiting to hear from him.

Issued by Brett Herron, Secretary General of GOOD, 6 August 2019