Dismiss noise complaint made against District Six Mosque – ANC WCape

Party says this is an affront to freedom of religion, an exercise in intolerance and a slap in the face

City of Cape Town must dismiss noise complaint made against District Six Mosque, says ANC 

12 May 2019

ALL that is left as a reminder of what was once a vibrant community nestling under Table Mountain, are the people who have returned to District Six, and its places of worship.

In District Six, different traditions and faiths were respected. Thus residents were familiar with the ringing of church bells for those who adhered to the Christian faith, as well as the call of the Athaan (call to prayer) for Muslims.

Despite the disgraceful eviction of thousands of residents from District Six and their forced resettlement on the Cape Flats, many returned on Sundays to attend their family church, or on Friday’s to worship in mosques, such as the place of prayer known to many as the Muir Street Mosque.

In returning to worship in what the National Party government had declared a white Group Area, these former residents were stating that they had once lived there and would not let go of their heritage,” said ANC Western Cape secretary Faiez Jacobs.

He added: “We celebrated when the ANC government began to undo the damage caused to our communities by making it possible for former residents and their descendants to return to District Six. Though it was not the same as before, they brought life back to the area.

Thus we were surprised to hear from the Zeenatul Islam Masjid that the City of Cape Town, on the basis of one complaint, is entertaining an allegation of noise pollution made by the Athaan. This complaint is an affront to freedom of religion, an exercise in intolerance and a slap in the face of our legacy. People who move into what are traditionally black or coloured areas must take cognizance of our traditions and not try to enforce change. We call on the City of Cape Town to dismiss this complaint.”

Issued by Dennis Cruywagen on behalf of the ANC Western Cape, 12 May 2019