Dismissal of Brian Molefe's 'golden handshake' appeal welcomed – James Selfe

DA FCC says it was clear that former Eskom CEO's application had no chance of success

DA welcomes dismissal of Brian Molefe “golden handshake” appeal

17 April 2018

The DA welcomes the dismissal of former Eskom CEO, Brian Molefe’s, appeal against the ruling in January 2018 that he pay back the part of theR11 million pension pay-out he had already received.

It was clear to the DA that Mr Molefe’s preposterous application had no chance of success and the court was entirely correct to dismiss it.

Molefe’s insistence that his return to Eskom was not a reinstatement but a continuation of his contract is completely fictional. He had clearly resigned at the end of 2016, a fact which was acknowledged by both Public Enterprises Minister, Lynne Brown, and the then Eskom Board. He himself said that he was “stepping down” and then took up a position in Parliament.

He is therefore not entitled to extravagant pension benefits, whether R11 million or more.

This ruling is not the end of Molefe’s worries however as the DA has laid criminal charges against Molefe and it is now time for the NPA to step up and prosecute him to the full extent of the law.

Issued by James Selfe, DA Federal Council Chairperson, 17 April 2018