Due diligence process required in the appointment of SABC board – Presidency

Citizenship and criminal records of candidates being checked, as well as claimed qualifications

Due diligence process required in the appointment of the SABC board members 

8 October 2017  

The Presidency is concerned about the rumours and gossip that continue to flourish with regards to the SABC Board appointments.

The rumours reported by the media that the appointments have not been made yet because President Jacob Zuma has certain preferences or “does not like” certain candidates or that he has an interest in the appointment of SABC executives are mischievous and are without foundation. The President respects the parliamentary process that was undertaken and has no personal preferences.

The Broadcasting Act (Act no. 4 of 1999) enjoins the President as the Appointing Authority to ensure that persons recommended for appointment as members of the SABC Board, should meet certain requirements including citizenship and to have no criminal records. In addition, the Presidency wants to ensure that the candidates indeed possess the qualifications stated in their CVs among other routine pre-appointment checks.

The Presidency requested the line function department to ensure that all requirements are met, taking the process forward from the work done by the National Assembly. Past experience taught us that the Presidency should undertake due diligence despite the process followed in the National Assembly. 

The same due diligence process is being applied with regards to the appointment of commissioners of the Commission for Gender Equality and board members of the Media Development and Diversity Agency, which are also still being processed.

The Presidency requests space to finalise the process to ensure a sustainable final outcome.

The Presidency and affected departments and institutions understand the urgency of the matter.

Issued by Bongani Ngqulunga on behalf of the Presidency, 9 October 2017