Eskom: Total shutdown planned before elections – NUM

Union says thousands of members will march to Luthuli House

Thousands of NUM Eskom members to march to ANC headquarters Luthuli House.

12 March 2019

The Special Energy National Shopstewards Council of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) met today in Midrand to assess the frustrations workers are facing on a daily at the power utility, Eskom. The Council discussed and placed a special focus on the proposed unbundling of Eskom, dividing it into three entities.

The shopstewards are very angry towards the attitude so far demonstrated by the leadership in government, led by the African National Congress (ANC), who are talking in tongues about the future of workers at Eskom. They are unable to explain properly what the unbundling means to thousands of poor workers.

So far, there is no guarantee or a solid commitment that signal there would not be retrenchments during the unbundling process. It is widely believed that the move will result in many job losses.

Secondly, the board of Eskom has totally failed in their duties to develop a turn-around strategy towards the improvement of Eskom's performance.

The Council resolved as follows:

1. Thousands  of NUM Eskom members to march to ANC' Luthuli House on 30th March 2019

2. They are calling for all Eskom board members, led by Jabu Mabuza, to resign with immediate effect. Mabuza's priority as far is to do shady businesses with Eskom.

3. About the march to Luthuli House, workers will demand an immediate cancellation of the IPPs and PPA contracts.

A total shutdown will be organized as from 3rd of May 2019 up to the week leading up to the national general elections on 8th of May 2019.

We are assured that our members will fully heed the call and join the planned march on 30th March 2019. 

Issued by Luphert Chilwane, Media Officer, NUM, 12 March 2019