Expel Derek Hanekom from the ANC! - MKMVA

Association notes with anger and utmost dismay NEC member's despicable and treacherous behavior


Thursday, 25 July 2019

The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA ) noted with anger and the utmost dismay the despicable and treacherous behavior that Mr. Derek Hanekom confessed to. There is no way that Hanekom’s behavior can be sugar coated: The harsh reality is that he plotted against an incumbent President of the ANC together with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). This is nothing less than treachery and a blatant and fundamental breach of the ANC Constitution.

This is not about the individual person of President Jacob Zuma, it is about the position and Office of the President of the ANC - no matter who holds that high elected office at any given time. It is about the principle that to conspire with the opposition/enemy outside the ranks of the ANC to undermine the ANC is unforgivable treachery.

MKMVA noted and applauds the angry language in the media statement that our Mother body the ANC issued last night about Hanekom’s treacherous conduct. However, this is such a serious and fundamental issue that our condemnation of this traitor in our ranks, cannot - and should never - be confined only to angry words and condemnation. For the sake of the future of the ANC our condemnation of Hanekom must, as a matter of urgency and necessity translate into immediate, clear and unequivocal disciplinary action.

On the basis of Hanekom’s own confession of his treachery and betrayal of the ANC MKMVA calls for the Secretary General (SG) of the ANC, comrade Ace Magashule, and the National Office Bearers (NOB’s) of the ANC, to forthwith (and by forthwith we mean IMMEDIATELY) suspend Hanekom’s membership of the ANC. There is no need to investigate Hanekom’s conduct any further, he has himself through his own confession confirmed what he had done. Once immediately suspended, MKMVA calls on the ANC NEC, again on the basis of Hanekom’s own confession, to forthwith process his permanent expulsion from the ANC. This should be done during the upcoming full ANC NEC meeting that is due to start tomorrow the 26th of July 2019. This course of action should be the absolute and bare minimum. Nothing less will suffice.

The ANC can not, nor should, any longer tolerate counter revolutionaries, wedge drivers and traitors in our ranks. MKMVA concurs with the ANC media statement that Hanekom is an enemy sleeper inside the ANC whose singular mission for a long time now had been to divide and destroy the ANC.

No self-respecting ANC member can tolerate Hanekom being allowed to continue as a member of our beloved Liberation Movement, not even to talk about allowing this

despicable traitor from continuing to keep his position as a leader of the ANC through his membership of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC.

MKMVA supports the ANC’s call for unity, and for the delivery of services to the people of South Africa. However, such unity must be principled, and forged by ANC members in good standing. Through his own despicable conduct Hanekom has removed himself from the ranks of ANC members in good standing. He is an utter disgrace, and disciplined and decisive action to remove the cancerous tumor that he has become from the body of the ANC, is a pre-condition for building unity in our ranks.

How we deal with a traitor such as Hanekom should also serve as a timeous warning to all the other traitors, spies, and counter revolutionary sleepers in our ranks.

Truly the time has come to cleanse the ANC from this traitor Hanekom, and also all the other Hanekom’s and their hanger-on’s, in our ranks. MKMVA will not rest until this is achieved!

*For MKMVA the word comradeship conveys revolutionary commitment, and calling a fellow ANC member a comrade should be the highest form of respect and acknowledgement of that member’s commitment to the full liberation of our people. Evidently, on the basis of his own confession of counter-revolutionary treachery Mr. Hanekom is no longer worthy of being called a comrade, and henceforth we will refer to him as Mr. Hanekom.

Issued by Carl Niehaus, member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of MKMVA, and MKMVA National Spokesperson, 25 July 019