FState Premier develops taste for tea – Roy Jankielsohn

Sisi Ntombela says package she received from a Mr Li did not contain cash, as alleged

Free State Premier develops a taste for tea

8 November 2019

The Free State Premier, Sisi Ntombela, has confirmed in a reply to the Democratic Alliance that she met with a Mr Li on 18 November 2018 at her house in Frankfort where she indicated that she received a package containing a gift of tea, and not cash as alleged.

Sources confirmed to the Democratic Alliance that Mr Li visited the Premier’s residence and that a package allegedly containing cash was handed over to the Premier.

After submitting questions to the Premier in the Free State Legislature in this regard, the Premier confirmed that she did in fact receive a courtesy visit from Mr Li on that date. She further confirmed that after the meeting he handed her a token of appreciation containing a box of Chinese tea.

She also indicated that she did not receive any money from him. In her reply she also indicated that the so-called “courtesy visit” was a “meeting” and after the meeting the package she received was a “token of appreciation”.

It is difficult to determine what the subject of discussion at the meeting was that resulted in a token of appreciation being handed over to the Premier. This does imply that the outcome of the discussions at the meeting were positive.

While it would be difficult to confirm whether tea was in fact delivered, the Premier has indicated through her reply that at least she has developed a taste for tea.

Mr Li must be careful that his “Tea with the Premier” will not end in a similar manner as Lady Hester Tomlin’s “Tea with Mussolini” that resulted in her being incarcerated, in that epic film.

Issued by Roy Jankielsohn, DA Leader of the Official Opposition in the Free State Legislature, 8 November 2019