Gauteng learners getting out of hand, thanks to Lesufi – FF Plus

According to report, a total of 479 learners were involved in various crimes

FF Plus has been warning about schools in Gauteng for some time now; Lesufi must be dismissed

10 April 2018

The FF Plus in Gauteng warned in 2016 already that learners in die province’s schools will get out of hand and that a situation will be created where youngsters will order adults around if codes of conduct are done away with.

At that stage, the MEC for Education in Gauteng, Panyaza Lesufi, was trying to abolish codes of conduct in schools. (See the FF Plus media release: Gauteng schools: Codes of conduct must stay, 31 August 2016).

Today, a mere 20 months later, a report published in the media reveals how learners in schools have gotten completely out of hand. The FF Plus is concerned that too many learners have already fallen into a state of criminality and that in five years’ time, South Africa may have a totally undisciplined society that has not respect for other people’s lives and/or property.

According to the report, a total of 479 learners were involved in various crimes, like the possession and dealing of illegal substances, bullying and cyberbullying, assaulting teachers and other staff members, assaulting learners with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm, fraud, the possession of dangerous weapons, sexual harassment, theft and even attempted murder.

The FF Plus lays the blame for the deterioration of schools at Lesufi’s door. The learners’ behaviour goes to show, once more, that he is utterly incompetent to act as MEC and that he must be dismissed at once.

The report proves that Lesufi’s political interference at schools has caused learners to lose all respect for any form of law and order and rules and regulations.

The FF Plus would, however, like to thank teachers for trying to do their jobs under the present terrible circumstances in Gauteng schools. Thank you also to schools that implement rules and regulations and learners who respect them.

Learners in schools who do respect law and order will one day excel and become the responsible leaders of our country.

Issued by Philip van Staden, FF Plus member: Gauteng Legislature, 10 April 2018