Give Zuma R1 per month – FF Plus

Corné Mulder says his party rejects ANC motion that former president receives full pension

Give Zuma R1 per month

12 September 2018

During the Nkandla saga, the FF Plus suggested in Parliament that former President Jacob Zuma's salary must be reduced to R1. This is still the FF Plus's opinion as regards the parliamentary motion tabled today that the former president must receive his full pension.

Although the FF Plus, as opposed to the ANC government, is of the opinion that South Africa's Constitution as well as the office of the president must be respected, the party also believes that the person serving in the office must deserve respect.

President Jacob Zuma's behaviour deserves no respect.

If there is one person in this country who was unlawfully enriched, more so than anyone else, it is President Zuma. He got a personal residence to the value of R246 million for which tax payers paid.

The ANC government is now paying the price for what transpired over the last ten years under the leadership of President Zuma and next year at the polls, the party will pay for it again. Astonishingly enough though, the ANC is still trying to help and protect the former president.

It seems like the ANC is simply unable to do the right thing. And as long as that is the case, the party will pay a price at the polls.

Issued by Corné Mulder, FF Plus chief whip, 12 September 2018