Go to Luthuli House and shoot a real criminal like Ace Magashule - Malema

EFF leader tells 'blood-thirsty' cops to stop targeting protesters

Go to Luthuli House and shoot Ace Magashule, a real criminal' - Malema tells 'blood-thirsty' cops

6 May 2019

EFF leader Julius Malema spent part of his final pre-election address berating the governing ANC and suggesting that blood-thirsty police shoot ANC secretary general Ace Magashule if they want to shoot someone.

"We don't want self-hating police. You want to shoot? We don't want blood thirsty police. Are you thirsty to shoot? Go to Luthuli house and shoot Ace Magashule, a real criminal," he said.

Malema was speaking at the EFF's Tshela Thupa rally - its final rally ahead of the May 8 elections - at Orlando Stadium on Sunday.

He called on police to refrain from shooting protesters, saying that they were not fighting but seeking justice. Instead, the real criminals were in offices where they failed to deliver services.

If the government delivered, there would be no need for demonstrations, he added.

"If you want to shoot, go to Parliament and shoot the House which is full of criminals. Don't select, just shoot randomly," Malema continued.


Malema also berated the governing ANC and white people in South Africa for the continued suffering of the majority.

"My parents, let's stop the thieves who've been stealing from you, not giving you water, electricity and roads for the past 25 years," said Malema.

"Twenty-five years and these people have failed to restore the dignity of the African child," he added.

He complained about the state of townships in the country, remarking that Soweto remained a ghetto.

"Nothing has changed here to reflect. It's still a place for settlement, it's still a ghetto, a rejected place. Twenty-five years and it [the ANC] had not done anything to make this place look like Randburg, Sandton or anywhere else where you find a white person," he said,

He called for an end to ANC rule, saying May 8 was not just for voting but economic freedom day.

Malema spoke just a few hours after the party announced the death of his grandmother, Sarah Malema. He started by paying tribute to her and referred to her as his "confidant".

The EFF leader thanked party members for their work throughout the party's campaign season.