GOOD making excellent progress - Patricia de Lille

Registration as a political party finalised with the IEC, NLC to be constituted this coming week

Statement by Patricia De Lille, Leader of GOOD

GOOD: Making excellent progress building a base, preparing for a competitive 2019 election, establishing national leadership and ready for a policy conference.

National Leadership Committee and Policy Positions to be announced next Sunday 20 January 2019.

13 January 2019

On the 2nd December I announced that I would launch a new political movement that would register as a political party and contest the 2019 national and provincial elections in all nine provinces.

I asked GOOD people of South Africa to step forward to help me build a movement based on values such as truth, trust, equity, solidarity and service.

Over the last six weeks we have made excellent progress.

We have opened a national head office in Goodwood in Cape Town which has become the nerve centre of our national operations.

Staff, and volunteers, at our head office have been processing tens of thousands of membership applications, and pledges of support, and we are creating a nationwide database of South Africans who enthusiastically embrace our vision and who have responded to my call.

We have finalised our registration as a political party with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). The IEC notified us this week that GOOD has been registered and that registration is now subject to a 30 day appeal period.

We are now preparing for the competitive 2019 elections which we plan to contest robustly.

Later this coming week we will constitute our first National Leadership Committee (NLC).

The NLC will host a Policy Conference next weekend with delegates from across the country expected to attend.

The Policy Conference will deliberate, and debate, the policy positions we have been developing under the four policy themes that underpin our movement: social justice, spatial justice, economic justice and environmental justice.

On Sunday 20 January 2019, and at the conclusion of the Policy Conference, we will announce the composition of our National Leadership Committee and the policy positions we have adopted.

I wish to thank the many thousands of South Africans who have reached out to me, and to our movement, and I pledge to them that we will not abuse or take their support for granted.

Statement issued by Patricia de Lille, GOOD leader, 13 January 2019