Grace Mugabe: Mashabane refuses to account to Parliament - Stevens Mokgalapa

DA MP says Minister misuses sub-judice rule in ducking committee hearing on immunity matter

Grace Mugabe ‘escape’: Mashabane refuses to account to Parliament

6 September 2017

Maite Nkoana Mashabane has refused to appear before the Parliamentary Committee on International Relations to provide reasons for her decision to grant diplomatic immunity to Grace Mugabe as well as the circumstances which justified this decision.

The Chairperson of the committee, Mr Masango, had confirmed to the DA on the 23rd of August that the Minister will indeed be called to appear before the committee. This was after we had written to him requesting that an urgent meeting be held and that the Minister be summoned to account on this issue.

Today, however, the DA received a letter from the Minister saying that she will not be appearing in front of the committee to explain her decision. Mashabane claimed that since the DA had submitted an application to the High Court, the matter was now sub-judice.

This is blatant misuse of the sub-judice rule which does not apply in this case.

The role of oversight and accountability cannot be overruled by this sub-judice rule and this is a poor attempt by the Minister to escape accountability.

The DA will again write to the Chairperson of the committee to reiterate our urgent and lawful request that the Minister be summoned without delay.

The DA believes Minister Mashabane took an illegal and unconstitutional decision. That is why we have approached the Constitutional Court in this regard.

We simply cannot allow South Africa to be used as a playground for international criminals who have little regard for our laws.

Every person within South Africa’s borders is equal before the law and should face the consequences should they commit an illegal act.

Issued by Stevens Mokgalapa, DA Shadow Minister of International Relations and Co-operation, 6 September 2017